Life with Rebel

Personal best

October 20, 2018

I’m so happy I could cry. Just came home from Muirmill Equestrian Centre after our first British Dressage test in a very, very long time. We have been battling the 60% mark since I did my first test 2 years ago, and although I have moved up the levels, the marks always stayed the same. This has always been the issue in eventing, as other riders are sometimes at 80%. I never stand a chance. 

So after our ‘break through’ on Monday, I wanted to give it another go and entered Prelim 15 today. Not only did I do the best test to date but I got a flipping 67.4% and a 5th place out of 23 riders. What an achievement for us 😍 I got some lovely comments, (which has been rare in the past), saying it was quietly ridden, beautiful test and a willing horse. Now I just need to make him work a bit more over his back for a higher mark – which I completely agree with! 

Now, I once said I would buy a dressage saddle if I ever get over 70% and I’m getting a little stressed out. I may have to move up the levels to keep those costs down…

Life with Rebel

The best ride to date

October 15, 2018

Boom – there it was. Everything I have worked for since God knows when, fell into place today. It was amazing and I fist-pumped when we finished. Sincerely relieved, just so happy.

It was on my terms today and not Rebels. I tried to remember everything from my previous lesson on Wednesday and duplicated it as best as I could.

Sit up, keep him forward but don´t rush, hands quiet, stay patient when he resists, release pressure when he submits.

Over and over and over. Until he gave up and was soft as rubber, in an outline, working from behind. I could push him forward, take him back and even change reins. I could have riden forever but stopped whilst the going was still good. I gave him the biggest pat and loads of carrots. He actually gave up today and I was riding a different horse. I made it happened, all by myself at home.

Now if you excuse me, I have a few dressage competitions to enter. Maybe I will call Hester just for the banter as well.


Beautiful October

October 14, 2018

Autumn is my favourite season, October my favorite month. When the weather is dry and the sun is shining the colours are mesmerizing. Colchester had the most beautiful morning today and we took these photos before 8 O´Clock. I absolutely love photography in lights like today.

We are now waiting for our flight home to Scotland after stopping in London for a visit to Hannah and Richards flat. It reminded me so much of flats in Oslo, with White walls, wooden floors and very tasteful furniture. I was a little bit in heaven and got very inspired to buy even more colours for our house. But that may have to wait.. Honeymoon first, then we can shop interior.

I can´t wait to see Mumford and Rebel again but have been getting loads of photos sent while we were away. Rebel has been rolling in mud (head first) and Mumford got a second favourite mum. Tomorrow I´m back a work, for a new week with new plans. Howie is playing football this evening while I head to the yard for a catch up with Stephanie. She was away to Croatia the week before I left so we never crossed paths. I want to hear all about her holiday while snuggling with Rebel. He probably has not even noticed I was away – true love right there…


Dinner with the Shelleys

October 13, 2018

I don´t do disco naps very often but today I just had to. Howie and I passed out for a few hours after blogging, sharing photos, eating 10 crumpets and watching Frozen. Howie went up first and I had no intentions sleeping in the middle of the day, until I got really tired and gave up.

Jane and Peter treated us all to a lovely meal at the Red Lion in Kirby, a very traditional English pub – just what the doctor ordered. I had smoked trout, a cheese burger, two large classes of Pepsi and a coffee. I was still tired during the meal and lost track of the conversations. I need to concentrate when listening and speaking English and I found myself day dreaming about something very different then the subject around the table. Even writing this blog posts is a huge struggle.

We are visiting Hannah and Richard on our way to the airport tomorrow, leaving Colchester early doors. I have never seen their flat in London! Cant wait 😀


Lauren and David´s wedding day

October 13, 2018

What a day, what a venue, what a couple. We really had the best time yesterday and I lasted the whole night out! Both the ceremony and the dinner were at Easton Grange Barn in Suffolk and the sun was shining. I teared up when Lauren walked down the aisle, but I was hulking at David´s speech. Touch down the best speech I have ever heard including an amazing poem and that from someone who is terrified of speaking in public.

We all mingled to lovely piano music while sipping Prosecco in the sunshine. David and Lauren were getting their photographs taken while the rest of us caught up. I can´t remember the last time I was in Colchester so it was so nice to see everyone again 🙂

The food and favours were great, and I was over the moon with my gingerbread and had to text Frankie straight away, as she always buys them for us when she´s in The Lake District. You haven’t had a proper gingerbread until you´ve had Grasmere Gingerbread. I was half tempted to steal them all but never got around to it.

I had such a great time and danced all night long and had some beers to go with it! Some of us stayed at the venue so I woke up with a very sore head but it was worth it. The full English breakfast was just what I needed and I feel today is going to be a proper eating-day. I can´t believe they are married now. Thank you so much Loz and Nez for an amazing day, and congratulation to both of you.


Wedding weekend

October 11, 2018

That’s us arrived at Glasgow airport for our 7.15 flight to Stansted. I finished work at 3 and managed to sort Rebel out before packing and leaving. This weeks has been so busy and I haven’t had the time to clean the house for Nikki and Callum. They are looking after Mumford for us while we are away and it would be nice to “hand over” a clean and tidy house. Howie did all that while I was working today so one less thing to worry about. He’s been working from 2 – 10 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, meaning I have to drive home after work to Mumf, give him dinner, eat something quick and change into horse gear before heading to the yard. Not home until 9 o’clock most days, so this weekend away couldn’t be more perfect ❤️

I would like to find a new handbag for my outfit tomorrow, starting at Accessories. And want it velvet and I want burgundy.


My wishlist right now

October 11, 2018

I know I know. I have a horse, a dog, a lovely house in Troon, a very handsome and kind husband and a great job. What more can a girl want? Well, this… Highest on the list is the Fairfax saddle, but that will not happen until 2020 at least. At some point, I would need a dressage saddle and there are so many nice saddles out there for a quarter of the price. However, I’m done buying and selling saddles on eBay… They NEVER fit so I will look into getting one fitted. But not for a while anyway…

I also would love to fill my house with weird furniture and green plants. I feel we have managed to incorporate all the furniture we have so far and can be a little bit bolder next time. Our bedrooms are lacking something extra… A velvet chair would be perfect.

When it comes to our kitchen – Howie has honestly broken both our blender and juicer. A new blender has been bought but now I really want a new juicer. I miss making my juice in the morning, it makes me feel so much more awake and healthy.

Other horse related items are a PS of Sweden bridle. That’s been on my list for 3 years now but I find it very difficult to buy a bridle for over £250, and would rather use the money towards the dressage saddle. We also desperately need soft poles for the yard. We jump a lot of grids and are currently using plastic poles, but I’m always conscious they canter on top of the poles or lands on them. Not good.

But again, I don’t need any of these items. And if I had all of these I would make a new list with ever more stuff…

Life with Rebel

David Gatherer lesson

October 10, 2018

That’s just me back from my lesson with David, held at Thornhill in Stewarton. Nikki and I left the yard around 6.30 for a lesson at 7. Fair to say we ran out of time and it was a bumpy ride for the two ponies. They did not seem to bothered to be honest, as they have travelled miles together.

It was Nikki’s first lesson with David, while I have three just in October. It took me forever to find the instructor, and although I have a few close to my heart, David is the man. When I ride for him I just want to do dressage, as Rebel goes so beautiful and is so relaxed. I just need to make that happen at home, then at competitions. But one step at the time…

Today was no exception. Rebel was a star and he really is starting to work a bit harder for me. He’s relaxing is neck and jaw, letting me sit up properly. He feels so much more elastic and I can push him forward and take him back without his head coming up. David thinks he’s become more supple and steady now, so we have moved on to transitions. So homework has been given and I will hopefully have improved a little bit more for the next lesson Saturday 20th October 🙂


When life is just a tad too busy

October 10, 2018

Morning all – hope you’re all good and have lots of sunshine where ever you are. I have been so busy the last couple of days, and collapsed on the sofa every night. Saturday was non stop with new eyelashes at 9 in the morning, followed by changing tyres on my horse trailer at 11, to a lesson in Ayr at 2. I got home around 6 and made dinner, cleaned the house (I think) and walked Mumford. Then it was telly time followed by an early night. Sunday I was feeding the horses breakfast and was at the yard at 8. Since Stephanie is away on holiday we are all helping out with Mossi, so I sorted out two ponies that morning.

The weather was dreadful on Sunday, and the small unaffiliated competition we were meant to enter, got cancelled. As a friend of Gillian, who is stabled a few minutes away from Rebel, asked me to judge a showing class at their yard in the late evening. The kids were so excited about this and turned up in white jodhpurs and a tie. I was home for about 6 o’clock again and enjoyed doing nothing that evening. I seriously need to start designing our thank you cards, but that has to wait until next week… I have another lesson after work today then we are flying to Stansted tomorrow evening. I’m so excited for the wedding on Friday ♥